Lockdown resolutions

I’ve had a lot of time to think during this slow-moving nothingness time, And of course as a big thinker who’s also into spiritual things and the whole big idea of life. I am a believer of “everything happens for a reason” and that every detail that happens to a person is for a more significant ending, everything ties up in the end. Anyway, before I get ahead of myself and start drifting off into my crazy ideas, I’ll go on, with all my thoughts.

I tried to look for a reason for my life always having a pause or upheaval (and it had a lot) just before something great coming along. I had to look at myself what is it I still was doing? What was my toxic trait? Was there a lesson I wasn’t learning? And I kept failing? Well, yes, it was my healing. I thought that I was okay; my healing is done. Like it was that easy. But id only scratched the surface. It started to dawn on me because I was getting angry at every little thing: everything was irritating.

So I had to have a serious conversation with myself, I need to make changes within before I can move on with whatever it is I’m trying to pursue in the outside world. So here I am making a post lockdown resolution. I want to practice persistence in self-love, self-healing, tackling procrastination and social anxiety. I recently started meditation using my favourite app, Calm, staying mindful. But this sort of healing is constant; it has to be set as a high priority.

I think the world is going to look different, “the after” This is going to be a changed world, and I guess if the world is going to change then its time to make significant changes to yourself. So I’m going treating this as like a new year, and even though we don’t stick to new years resolutions, it is still worth making a post lockdown one.

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