Out of service

So it is one of those days, weeks, or months. My mind has been in overdrive well its always like that, that’s just normal. There’s that day where it all goes quiet though, maybe its the weather. As soon as the weather goes low, I go low, or perhaps it’s just that time. My body shuts down, I feel very lethargic. The fatigue hits like thunder and lightning, marking its territory. Nothing seems to be going as I planned or how I envisioned and after stressing my body loses battery, so let’s just curl up and watch teen movies all day.

It is a weird place to be, a state of limbo. have you ever watched inception the Leonardo DiCaprio film? (watch it) well, it’s like that limbo place in the dream world, no way out, or so it seems. I’m not sure what’s going on with means of work, career, where to live, relationships, life. Life can get overwhelming, especially in these times. What now? Who knows? Am I going to come out of limbo? Because I’ve gotten very comfortable here. I love to predict the future, but right now, I have no clue. So I guess that’s me out of service.

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