Lady in red.

Let’s start at the beginning. I was 4/5 at the time, I remember it quite well. That’s the funny thing about memories the ones you can remember from long ago feel like a dream you had last night. Slightly blurred and hazy.

It went dark, and the oooooh’s from everybody erupted. I don’t actually remember who I was sat with, but I was sat right on the back row, right where the control booth was. I couldn’t see much being quite small I tried standing on my seat stretching my neck as far as it could go over the sea of bobbing heads. Then I heard it, and I ran down the stairs which felt like miles when you had little legs past the families, the couples and the waiters, stopped at the corner of the stage. I could see flecks of her red dress dancing around. The audience was awing at this scene, this little girl who was reaching her hand out to the pretty singing lady. She came over closer while she sang “with my love song” there her face was in front of mine. I smiled brightly at her, even though I had been naughty. That night though was when I knew I wanted to be up there up in the lights, it looked like freedom. The whole world stops around you, no other cares. That lady in red with a happy glow in her eyes was my mother.

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